Wyatt Walkem Design started by Wyatt Walkem is established to produce custom woodworking products. Studying at Sheridan College for furniture craft and design Wyatt learned the fundamentals of good design and the core skills to produce custom furniture of high quality.  Working with a traditional design esthetic along with a new sense of modern and contemporary concepts makes Wyatt’s work unique. The use of both wood and metal gives his pieces an intriguing balance in visual temperature. Along with custom furniture Wyatt Walkem Design also strives to create beautiful wood turned objects. The focus with Wyatt’s turned work is the balance of both visual form and the natural beauty of the wood and its grain. Form is the first consideration when designing any piece, however the wood will always have the final say. Being able to give a second life to a piece of wood is what propels Wyatt to design and create unique and innovative pieces.